J.D. (Jack) Van Dyke, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus of Chemistry

After receiving his PhD, Jack Van Dyke worked for Polysan Ltd as a Research Chemist and Market Development Specialist. After six years, he began teaching at TWU, where he was involved in the implementation of the 4-year program at TWU.

B.Sc. (Alberta); Ph.D. (British Columbia)


Organic chemistry, and Polymer chemistry (rubber and plastics)

Awards & Honors

Area of Research

Blends of polymers, compatibilization between mixtures of polymers, and between polymers and fillers.

Currently, my research focus is on polyamide/butyl rubber systems. These polymer systems are normally incompatible; however, successful blends can be made of them under intensive mixing. We have found evidence of graft and block copolymers that have been formed during the mixing process. These serve to tie the two phases of the blend together, i.e., make them compatible with each other. The value of successfully blending polyamide and butyl rubber, and understanding the chemical and mechanical factors that make it possible, is that blends of these polymers provide relatively inexpensive materials with properties intermediate between the component homopolymers. Both of these polymers have excellent barrier characteristics (resistance to passage of solvents and gasses) that make blends of them appealing for many industrial applications. Recently, we have expanded our interest to other plastic resin/rubber systems, consisting of polypropylene and polybutylene terephthalate resins, and nitrile rubber. We also have a continued interest in preparing and testing materials that can act as compatibilizing agents between polymers and fillers (e.g. fiberglass and silica).

Recent Publications

  • "Inorganic Layered Silicate Nanoclays as Barrier Enhancers Against Highly Toxic Compounds," by S. duncan, B. Lacroix, M. Gnatowski, and J.D. Van Dyke, submitted to Nanoletters, November 2003.
  • "Effect of Butyl Rubber Type on Properties of Polyamide and Butyl Rubber Blends," (with M. Gnatowski, A. Koutsandreas, A. Burczyk) J. Appl. Polym. Sci., 93, 1423, 2004
  • "A Study of Dynamic Vulcanization for Polyamide-12 and Chlorobutyl Rubber" (with M. Gnatowski, A. Koutsandreas, A. Burczyk) J. Appl. Polym. Sci., 90, 871, 2003
  • "Chemical Interaction in Blends of Polyamide and Butyl Rubbers" (with M. Gnatowski, A. Koutsandreas, A. Burczyk, S. Duncan) J. Apple Polym. Sci. 89, 980, 2003.
  • "Activation of Bifunctional Coupling Agents in Fiberglass/Polyethylene Composites by Electron Beam," (with M. Gnatowski, A. Koutsandreas, A. Burczyk)-Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Vol. 83, 2579, 2002.

Affiliations & Memberships

  • Canadian Society of Chemistry