William R. Acton, PhD

Professor of Applied Linguistics; Sabbatical Fall 2023
It has been a great blessing to be associated with the MATESOL for these last two decades. The faculty and staff and nearly 300 students have been a joy to work, both in class and professionally, doing research and dozens of conference presentations together. I look forward to many years of engagement and fellowship with the MATESOL community.


Bill is on Sabbatical for the Fall 2023 Semester.


I often begin workshops or papers with the comment that in about 50 years in the field, I have had just one idea: that the systematic use of body movement is essential to effective and efficient pronunciation instruction. That has never been more relevant than today, with the general de-emphasis on pronunciation and introduction of technology into the field.

Recent Publications

  • Van Dyke, A. & Acton, W. (2022b). Role-play and dialogic meta-pragmatics in developing and assessing pragmatic competence, in Pedagogical Linguistics, available online DOI: https://doi.org/10.1075/pl.22004.van
  • Van Dyke, A. & Acton, W. (2022a). Spontaneous classroom engagement facilitating development of L2 pragmatic competence: A naturalistic study. Pedagogical Linguistics 3(1) 1-28. https://doi.org/10.1075/pl.20011.van
  • Playsted, S., Burri, M., and Acton, W. (2020) Warming up and activating mind, body and emotions in pronunciation instruction, TESOLANZ Journal 28:49-55.
  • Burri, M., Baker, A., and Acton, W. (2019). Proposing a haptic approach to facilitating L2 learners' pragmatic competence. Humanising Language Teaching, 3. Available at http://hltmag.ng3.devwebsite.co.uk/june19/propo...
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