The MA TESOL degree prepares teachers to make a positive impact as they teach in academic preparation programs and community-based adult education.


The MA TESOL degree prepares teachers to make a positive impact as they teach in academic preparation programs and community-based adult education.

TWU MA TESOL alumni contribute to the educational world as teachers, materials developers, teacher-trainers, and administrators in English programs for both adults and youth in a variety of international and local contexts. 

Those with public school teaching credentials will also benefit from the MA TESOL to become specialists in teaching ELLs locally or in teaching EFL in primary and secondary schools worldwide.

Students have a choice between an intensive 12-20 month resident program and a 2-3 year online program that may be completed while working as a teacher. The majority of the students are required to do an internship in their final semester. 

Small class size and warm relationships with faculty, collaborating instructors, and fellow learners are a given in both the online and on-campus cohorts.  Reflecting on personal values while developing ongoing professional relationships underscores the TWU commitment to bringing values back to life.

Not traditional lecture-based. The MA TESOL program is built upon the process of students researching and critically examining ideas, theories, methods and techniques in TESL.  "Flipped Learning" at its best!

Collaboration. Each course revolves around a set of interactive research projects. Working in teams, students research and then report to the rest of the cohort on their findings.  Such collaborative learning provides the setting for personal development as students of varying worldviews and cultural backgrounds share their unique perspectives.

Professional Development.  Each module in the MA TESOL program includes application to a specific teaching or learning context.  Students may tailor final course projects to their own teaching situation.  Students are also provided with opportunities to co-present workshops with faculty at a variety of Canadian and International conferences. 

Internship.  A 14-week internship is completed in the final semester.  There are a variety of internship options, both in Canada and internationally, depending on student experience and interest. Those heading towards a Ph.D. program in TESL or Applied Linguistics may choose a thesis option. 

Fully Accredited.  With both TESL Ontario accreditation and TESL Canada certification, Professional Standard Three, the TWU MA TESOL prepares the TESL professional for adult English classes with both immigrants and international students in Canada and abroad.  K-12 teachers in the public school system are generally given a pay category increase, making this degree a solid foundation for those teaching youth and children. In B.C. this is a move from TQS 5 to TQS 6. 


Master of Arts (MA)

What Our Alumni Are Doing

What do the Students Say?

"The professors are really with you along way, taking a personal interest in your progress and well-being."

Brenda Allen
Brenda '05
EAP Instructor - Europe

"The collaborative learning environment prepared me for leadership within the TESOL world and beyond."

Ed Temple
Ed '05
Director of Philanthropy - OIC

"The MA TESOL program at TWU profoundly impacted me professionally and academically."

Winnie Pang
Winnie '08
EAP Instructor - BCIT
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Pre-MA TESOL Program

The Pre-MA TESOL Program is designed for students who have already completed undergraduate degrees in their own country and are applying for admission to TWU’s MA TESOL program.


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Faculty Profiles

William R. Acton, Ph.D

Professor Applied Linguistics; MA TESOL Program Director

Angela Belcham, Ph.D.

Collaborating Instructor

Gwen Klassen, MA

Instructor, Assistant Instructor

Carolyn Kristjansson, Ph.D

Associate Professor of Linguistics

Kay McAllister, MA

Assistant Professor and Director,TESOL Certificate Program

Winnie Pang, MA

Collaborating Instructor

Angelina Van Dyke, MA

Collaborating Instructor