Why Theatre?

Follow your passion at TWU. Our BA Theatre program will prepare you for a career doing what you love.

Why Theatre?

Follow your passion at TWU. Our BA Theatre program will prepare you for a career doing what you love.

Enter a supportive community that will help you shape your identity as a director, producer, stage manager, playwright, educator, or actor. Here, you will be equipped with a well-rounded theatre education, a broad knowledge of the liberal arts, and an understanding of who you are called to be. Above all, you will be inspired to make a positive impact on the world.

Your professors will invest in you from day one—mentoring, nurturing, helping you find your voice. It’s OK to take risks and to fail here. That’s how you grow as a person. And that, ultimately, is what prepares you to excel in your craft.

Our students engage essential issues of faith and art in every class, because at this school, we believe all Christian artists are called to be culture-shapers. Be prepared to love every minute of your degree. And be prepared to work. You can expect intensive training and exciting opportunities to collaborate with theatre professionals in a working theatre setting. Ask us about our unique relationship with Vancouver’s award-winning Pacific Theatre, arguably the finest theatre company anywhere with a Christian mandate.


Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Important Dates

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What's Onstage

Our theatre productions are a favourite “must do” on campus, featuring collaborative work by students across all disciplines in the university. We mount four productions in our theatre season, including a musical and a Shakespeare play in alternating years.

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SAMC Theatre hosts a late-night, bi-weekly improv comedy show called 11:07, alternate Friday nights at...you guessed it...11:07. Tickets are $3 and available at the door. Check the SAMC Events Calendar for dates.

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London + Paris Travel Study

Feast on the arts and their rich history in two global epicentres. Shakespeare’s Globe, London’s West End, the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral…you’ll earn course credit while making memories to last a lifetime.

Careers in Theatre
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Opportunities include careers in:

  • professional theatre
  • film
  • television
  • church/missionary drama ministry
  • theatre education

as well as various careers in public relations, sales, marketing, and other fields that require professionals with honed interpersonal and presentation skills.

Faculty Profiles

Lloyd Arnett, PhD

Associate Professor of Theatre

Angela Konrad, MFA

Chair and Professor, SAMC Theatre

Michelle Lieffertz, MFA

Instructor in Theatre

Kate Muchmore Woo, MFA, MA

Assistant Professor of Theatre

Kerri Norris, MFA

Instructor in Theatre