Past Events

Consortium of Universities for Global Health Conference 2022

April 1-3, 2022 – Los Angeles, CA, USA, – Virtual

“CUGH’s annual conference is a must attend event on the global health calendar. Over CUGH’s annual conference is a must attend event on the global health calendar. Over 2,000 scientists, students and implementers from academia, NGOs, government and the private sector will present, learn and collaborate to address some of the pressing challenges our world faces. A wide range of medical and non-medical disciplines are represented throughout the virtual pre-conference satellites (free to attend, register online) and the March 28th-April 1st, 2022 conference. Attendees will be inspired and challenged to learn new skills, gain new contacts and find ways we can improve the health of people and the planet.” -CUGH 2022. Take advantage of CUGH’s early bird rates by registering before Jan 15th using the link below. To view the event’s agenda, view the link below.

Unite for Sight Global Health and Innovation Conference

Feb, 21-22 2022 – Virtual

The Global Health and Innovation Conference (GHIC) have scheduled their annual conference to be held virtually on Feb. 21-22, 2022. GHIC is considered the world’s leading and largest global health conference and the largest social entrepreneurship conference. Through extensive collaboration and innovation, GHIC hosts some of the world’s leading minds on Global Health and Social entrepreneurship topics. This is a conference that you will not want to miss. Visit the links below to find out more information.

Faculty Development Workshop: Integrating Experiential Learning into Undergraduate Global and Public Health Programs & Courses

Jan 2-9, 2022 – Coto Brus, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

In 2022, Child Family Health International is hosting a transformative workshop for all educators and administrators looking to integrate experiential learning into undergraduate global and public health courses. This 1-week intensive workshop focuses on equipping faculty and administrative teams with experiential learning components to meet the holistic learning needs of their students. If you are passionate about global health education, this workshop is a must in bringing students the most effective and complete education surrounding global health. For more information and to apply to this 1-week workshop, visit the link below.

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Climate Change and Health Webinar Series: Climate Change and Child Health: Where is Canadian Global Health Research?

Jan. 26, 2022 – Virtual

“This webinar will address how today’s children experience the health impacts of climate change throughout their lifetime. We already know that children are at a different and increased risk from environmental hazards compared to adults and a multitude of studies show that this is also valid for the effects of climate change. As per the UN Convention on the Rights of Child, all children deserve the right to grow up in a healthy, sustainable environment where they can reach their full potential as citizens of the world. Yet, as recent literature reviews point out, there are critical gaps in global health research and our scientific understanding about the connections between child health and the changing climate. Not only do we lack a sufficient overview of the situation, but most of the existing studies on climate impacts and child health focus on upper-middle-class-income or high-income countries, despite the fact that climate change is causing greater changes in the Global South and the Arctic. Furthermore, climate change disproportionately affects people already challenged by other stressors and negative socioeconomic factors. What are we missing as health researchers to identify hazards and conditions that impair children’s ability to grow and mature safely and in good health? This talk provides an overview of the situation and highlights some of the most critical gaps in current global health research on children’s health in the changing climate.” -CAGH 2022

Engaging with Underserved Populations in Research 

TWU Research Committee Event – Jan 12, 2022 – Virtual

There is growing interest in involving community members and patients in research to increase the relevance of research findings and improve patient experiences, health outcomes, and the health system. We are hosting a brown bag lunch for TWU School of Nursing students and faculty to explore engaging with underserved populations in research. We will have guests from the BC SUPPORT Unit Fraser Centre and our very own Kathleen Lounsbury join us for a presentation and panel discussion. We are looking forward to this event, where faculty and students can learn together and share experiences.